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Blair Athletics FAQ

Question: Does my child need to tryout or does everyone make the team?

Answer: It depends on the team. While sports like football and wrestling do not have cuts, many of the teams do. It is best to check with the head coach.

Question: When does practice start each season?

Answer: Fall mid-August (this fall it will be August 12th 2020), winter usually Nov 15th, spring usually March 1st. If that day is a Sunday, then it will be the day before.

Question: Does my child need to be there every day?

Answer: YES! This is competitive high school sports. Our coaches have the same expectations on the field as the teachers in the classroom.

Question: My child woke up sick and came to school late, can they still play/practice?

Answer: No. Your child must be in all their scheduled classes each day. If they miss/skip class they cannot practice or play.

Question: What if we have a doctors’ appointment or family emergency?

Answer: They need to turn in a note the day before the absence. It is called a pre-approved absence. This will allow them to participate on the day they miss class.  Email the Athletic Director 24hrs ahead.  Emergencies are on a case by case basis.

Question: What forms do I need? How do I register?

Answer: All athletic registration is completed online via the MyMCPS parent portal.  There are no forms to hand in.  DO NOT turn in any forms to the coach or the school.

Question:  How long is the physical good for:

Answer: Sports physicals are good for 365 days.

Question:  How do we get the Impact concussion test.

Answer:  The school will schedule testing through our training staff.  Do not do it with a physician.  It must be done with MCPS.

Question: What does it cost to attend a game?

Answer: Adult $5, Student $3, Child $1.

Question: What is a season/year pass?

Answer: An athletic pass can be purchased from the athletic department. It will allow the bearer admission to the home games without waiting to buy a ticket. If you frequent sport events at Blair, it can be a money saver. They are only good for Blair Home Regular Season Games. No playoffs or away games.  Passes can be purchased at the Meet the Coaches Night or the first two home games.

Question: How can I help and get involved?

Answer: You can volunteer to work at the home games during the events, you can join the booster club, you can ask the coach.

Question: How do I get in contact with the coach?

Answer: Every coach should have their email address on the athletic website. You can email them at any time.

Question: What if it is raining? What if a game is rescheduled?

Answer: DO NOT CALL THE SCHOOL. Coaches will send it out through their informational channels, we will post the information on the athletic website, school announcements and twitter. We will post this information as soon as we know it and it has been confirmed.

Question: Where can I find out more information?

Answer: Go to the athletic website: or email the Athletic Director, Try emailing the head coach. Each team has their own way of doing things.

Question:  what are the academic requirements.

Answer:  Students must maintain a 2.0 with no more than one E to participate in MCPS Athletics.  Student-Athletes eligibility is determined on the Report Card days as established by MCPS.  Student-Athletes’ eligibility is determined each quarter.  Fall eligibility is determined by the previous 4th quarter unless an incoming 9th grader.  All incoming 9th graders are eligible first quarter.